This page provides all the links useful to the Infrastructure focused members at HSBNE.
Access System
System Summary
A little web page to show you the latest Access System Device Summary
Recent Swipes
What was the last 10 swiped RFID tags?
Members Today
Who was in today?
Last Seen
When were members last seen?
Access System/Welcome Center SQL Web interface
User top 50
Most Prolific top 50 RFID users of all time.
Last 30 Days (Total)
Count per day over the last 30 days of ALL swipes.
Last 30 Days (Region)
Count per day over the last 30 days per device region.
Membership Related Things
Membership Addons:
Member Themes
Change the theme that plays when you enter the space!
Causes List
See which Causes members support at HSBNE!
Set my Causes
Change which Causesyou support at HSBNE!
Networked Systems:
Space Webcams
View the public space webcams.
PFSense Portal
Log into the main router portal for HSBNE, run on PFSense.